Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tulips of The Spring, Gaziantep


Spring in Antep is identical with tulips and all sort of flowers. And all over Turkey, it has become an annual event to see this beautiful flower. In Gaziantep, if you want to enjoy the indescribable beauty, you should go the city center where Botanik Bahçesi is located. Around that area, you will see a lot of tulips in and out the so-called botanical garden.

So this year, as I visited the place, again, I also managed to look around and snapped photos of tulips of the spring in Gaziantep. The weather was still a bit chilly, so make sure you got your warm jacket on.

Tulips of The Spring
Botanik Bahçesi
Ayyus Hanım Konağı
Engelliler Parkı

The view in Engelliler Parkı
The view of Botanik Bahçesi
A different corner at Botanik Bahçesi
The Hyacinth garden is special with the pink one
The Hyacinth Garden
The ducks in the pool, Botanik Bahçesi
The view from Ayyus Hanım Konağı
A cup of tea and a beautiful garden
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